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Beauty Starts from the Inside

A treatment for women’s intimate organs through the process of heating and steaming the vagina that is adopted from an age-old health and beauty tradition of the Tang Dynasty’s royal family in China and was brought to Korea 700 years later. The treatment uses 9 Korean herb mixtures and utilizes the benefits of amethyst stones as well as hardwood charcoal that induce negative ions when heated. The effects of sitting in a V-steam chair for 30 minutes can be felt immediately. V-Spa is very safe as it involves no insertion of any foreign objects into the body.

30-minute Healthy Plan

V-SPA of MiGung 365 is utilizing a short 30 minutes, and becoming a type of therapy which is based on reasonable pricing to managing health care in long term.

Extract powder is specially designed and produced for customer

Sit Steaming Extract Powder of MiGung 365 consists of 8 – 12 types of Korean herbal concentrated solution and its potency is depending on the body condition of a person

SPA that can be performed in wet style, dry style, sit steaming and foot bath

V-SPA of MiGung 365 is utilizing Korean steam air for sit steaming and foot bath, far – infrared sit steaming, TDP Sit Steaming and purple crystal jewel SPA and among others to enable the enjoyment for the best SPA system.

V-SPA is spreading its wing to the world

V-SPA is greatly popular in everywhere in the world. Those lady member customer who have experienced the outstanding effect of V-SPA, are using it with devotion

Benefits of V-SPA includes:

– Help with Female Infertility

– Soothing Menstrual Cramps

– Prevent Abnormal Vaginal Discharge

– Body Detoxification

– Ease Stress and Anxiety

– Normalization of blood circulation and hormone

– Increase immunity

– Fat removal effect

– Anti-inflammatory effect

– Nutrition / revival effect

– Contraction effect

– Beauty effect ( improve skin complexion and effective for skin diseases e.g.: eczema, acne, etc.)

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