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Project Description

Navi Spa


Navi Spa


Family Health Program

Only 30 minutes that can let you have feeling of flying

Perform the 30-minute NAVI-SPA and you can feel the effect of performing half-body bath or full-body bath. Feeling of flying can bring relaxation to the whole family.

Half-body bath facility in expanded style

Traditional half-body bath is using the internal hot air for circulation, wheras NAVI-SPA is continuously providing us with regenerative hot air.

Sit Steaming of Half-body bath, Full-body bath, wormwood and loess

NAVI-SPA is 3-in-1 set up facility for half-body bath, full-body bath, wormwood and loess sit seaming to be used at the same time

Tomalin Sit Steaming Function

Tomalin Sit Steamin can promote the blood circulation and permit the increase of body temperature, it give remarkable result especially in people with leg edema and coldness in hands and legs.

Benefits of NAVI SPA:

1. Increase oxygenation

2. Detoxifying

3. Increase blood flow

4. Beauty  effect

5. Improve skin complexion

6. Effective for breaking down fats

7. Great theraphy for promoting healing and reducing muscle soreness

8. Boosts immune system

9. Help heal scar tissues

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